Buenos Aires: the Paris of Latin America... Buenos Aires city Amazing natural richness, modern skyscrapers, impressive mountains, gorgeous beaches, Latin American passion combined with a strong European legacy, the latest fashion tendencies, Diego Maradona scoring an impossible goal, sensual shapes dancing tango under a starry sky… Welcome to Argentina! Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, the second largest country in Latin American and the eighth largest in the world. Located on the shore of the Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires is the biggest and most famous city of Argentina and also its main port (Rio de la Plata means "Silver River", but it’s usually referred to in English-speaking countries as the River Plate).

Buenos Aires...an amazing mixing Buenos Aires Mi Buenos Aires querido… (as the tango says, “my dear Buenos Aires”) is a fabulous tourist destination that is becoming a favourite hotspot of visitors from all over the world. Analysing the complex past of Buenos Aires (and Argentina itself) it’s not surprising the rich and unique culture that mixes Latin American with European origins. Spanish and Italian roots are the most common: mainly from the Galician, Asturian and Basque regions of Spain, and the Calabrian, Ligurian, Piedmont, Lombardy and Neapolitan regions of Italy. Other immigrant groups include German, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, Irish, French, Croatian, English and Welsh. Argentinian cuisine for example is the most obvious result of all these traditions melted together: you can find delicious pasta, world-famous Argentinian steaks, empanadas, pizzas, mate (a sort of tea drunk through a straw), etc…

Exploring Buenos Aires Buenos Aires by night Often called “La Reina del Plata” (Queen of the Plate), “The Paris of Latin America”…in short: Buenos Aires is waiting for you with its inimitable treasures (and much more!): La Boca neighbourhood (the oldest in Buenos Aires and the place where tango was born), the Teatro Colon (one of the world's greatest opera houses), Palermo Hollywood (the SoHo of Buenos Aires with great shops, art galleries and local designers), the traditional ‘barrio de San Telmo’ and its charming Sunday street market, ‘los bosques de Palermo’ (the green lungs of the city), the sophisticated Recoleta area, the representative Calle Corrientes (Corrientes Street, the street of the cafés, the theatres, the pizzerias and the book shops). Don't miss the iconic Obelisco (Obelisk, in Avenida Corrientes and Avenida 9 de Julio), the ‘Estadio Boca Juniors’ (Boca Juniors stadium) one of the most popular football teams of Argentina and Diego Maradona’s ex-club, also known as "La Bombonera", Puerto Madero area with top quality restaurants and elegant English-style architecture, the lively shopping street Calle Florida, the famous Plaza de Mayo where you can see the Government seat ‘La Casa Rosada’, the Cabildo, the Cathedral and walking a few blocks, the charming old-fashioned Café Tortoni.

Let's Enjoy... Tango in Buenos Aires Close your eyes now and picture this in your mind: beautiful warm sunny weather in the middle of December… chilling out with a frozen cocktail in hand… an unforgettable eccentric summer Christmas, swimming and sunbathing on a beautiful beach… Buenos Aires offers you this amazing opportunity! Enjoy summer in middle of the European winter! Argentina has lovely beaches like Mar del Plata, Mar de las Pampas, Carilo or Pinamar (among many others) that you can easily access from Buenos Aires city centre. What else can we say…? Enjoy!

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